Fuel price decrease in time for Christmas

Farmers, truckers, motorists and other fuel users have been given an early Christmas gift this year.

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The Central Energy Fund (CEF) recently confirmed that, as of midnight tonight (2 December), the retail price for all petrol grades would drop by 69c/l, the wholesale price of 0,05% sulphur diesel would drop by 53c/l and the wholesale price of 0,005% sulphur diesel would drop by 54c/l.

One of the reasons for the latest fuel price was the declining international oil price, the CEF said in a statement. A review of 2014’s national fuel prices by the Automobile Association of SA showed that the most expensive diesel this year was in March when the wholesale price for 0,05% sulphur diesel peaked at R13,39/l (on the Reef). The most expensive petrol for the year had been in April when motorists on the Reef paid R14,39/l for 95 octane unleaded.