Giant olives are a mouthful

The La Bella della Daunia table olives that are sold in the store typically weigh about 14 or 15 grams each, almost double the size of average table olives. Some can even weigh up to 30 grams.
Photo: Jeandré du Preez

The La Bella della Daunia is a table olive obtained from the Bella di Cerignola olive cultivar, cultivated in Daunia, in southern Italy.

The olives are renowned for their big dimensions and fleshiness.

“Some can weigh up to 30g grams and could easily be mistaken for a small plum,” said consortium spokesperson Alice Jaschke-Ferreri. They have a juicy and full and savory taste too.

“Cape Town is regarded as a tourist Mecca and is therefore an obvious choice for presenting this product. As a member of BRICS, South Africa also plays an important role in agro-industrial trade,” said consortium director Giuseppe Dibisceglia.

Farmers who attended the introduction have shown interest in the cultivar and producing these giants locally.

*The acronym PDO stands for Protected Designation of Origin. This law guarantees that only products genuinely originated in that region, are allowed to be merchantable as such.