GWK launches ad to promote new brand identity

Frank Farmer (middle) with his son Frikkie and Flip the family dog.
Photo: GWK

The animated commercial tells the story of Frank Farmer, his wife Francine, their son Frikkie and Flip the family dog. According to GWK the advert aims to show how dependant every person in the world is on farmers and agriculture.

The commercial also highlights the fact that without farmers there will be no engineers, mechanics, or any type of innovation in the world because those who aim to pursue those avenues of innovation will not be fed if it weren’t for farmers.

“South Africa has a great farming heritage, it is something we can all be proud of. The message to the world is that we need to take care of those who feed us,” said Neil de Klerk, GWK executive manager, corporate marketing at the launch event.

De Klerk said research has shown that farmers require a modern partner with smart solutions, and that the more GWK conducts international business the more important it becomes to have a modern brand to take products to the market.

For more on the campaign follow Frank Farmer on Twitter on @Frank_the Farmer or search on Facebook for Frank Farmer.