High yields expected in summer grain production region

The rain that occurred over South Africa’s summer grain region has improved production conditions vastly compared with December 2016.

High yields expected in summer grain production region
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This was according to a Grain SA survey released on Tuesday. High yields were expected in all the summer grain production provinces.

Good rains were reported in both the western and eastern parts of the summer grain region, but follow-up rains were of the essence over the next two months.

This would allow the maize to pollinate – plant moisture requirements reach a peak during pollination.

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According to the survey, producers in the North West were still planting sunflower while the number of hectares earmarked for grain production in the north-western Free State were nearly all planted.

Grains in the Free State generally looked good while those in the eastern Free State showed a high yield potential.

Maize in Mpumalanga that had started to show drought stress because of a lack of rain in December, had improved markedly since the first rains occurred this month. High yields were expected in the province.

Grain planting in KwaZulu-Natal was about two weeks later than usual, but the crops that had been planted so far were in an excellent condition.

The sorghum planting process in Limpopo was completed but 50% of the sunflower hectares still needed to be planted. Crops in the province looked promising, according to the survey.

Although follow-up rains were needed in the Eastern Cape, crops were looking fine.

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