Listen to Farmer’s Weekly’s latest Weekly Wrap

In this episode of the Weekly Wrap podcast, Farmer’s Weekly editor, Denene Erasmus, and journalist, Sabrina Dean, discuss the top stories featured in the 15 May issue of the magazine. Erasmus also provides an update on how the recently announced closure of Caxton Magazines will affect Farmer’s Weekly.

Listen to Farmer’s Weekly’s latest Weekly Wrap
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In this first delivery of the Weekly Wrap podcast to air after the end of the hard lockdown, listeners get a preview of the top news and feature articles from the 15 May issue of Farmer’s Weekly.

The magazine is back in print and will be available for sale from Friday, 8 May.

Top news stories in this issue include an update on how changes in consumer purchasing behaviour have supported an increase in demand for canned goods, as well as a look at the latest summer grain and oilseeds crop estimates for the 2019/2020 season.

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A special report looks at the rise of the online livestock auctions industry in South Africa.

The features section offers readers insight into how local farmers’ over-reliance on imported agricultural inputs places the industry at risk during a time when the global supply chain has been experiencing trade disruptions.

Farmers featured in this issue include KwaZulu-Natal-based beef producer Mike Rennie who tells Farmer’s Weekly how he manages to keep in-calf cows in top condition during the winter months, and potato farmer CT van der Merwe, who implements nature-friendly farming techniques, explains how he achieves input savings and water-use savings without sacrificing yield.

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