Maize crop to exceed 14 million tons

The Crop Estimates Committee (CEC) released its sixth production forecast for summer crops, with commercial maize set at 14,017 million tons.

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The area estimated for maize remained unchanged at 2,688 million hectares, while the yield is 5,21t/ha. Production forecast for white maize remained unchanged at 7,697 million tons, while yellow maize showed an increase of 2,05% or 126 700t more than the previous year.

Sunflower seeds production was unchanged at 853 325t. The expected groundnut crop was reduced by 7,75%, or 6 950t, to 82 690t.

The production forecast for sorghum increased by 9, 6% or 22 480t to 255 700t. The area planted to sorghum is 78 850ha, and the yield is 3,3t/ha.

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Dry beans production forecast decreased by 3,4% to 86 030t.

Source: Crop Estimates Committee