Mohair picks up steam

Mohair prices improved at the third sale of the summer season, despite fears that the larger than normal offering of 188 150kg would dampen competition.

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According to Mohair SA (MSA), the offering consisted of good quality hair with superior length, due to better grazing conditions in the production areas. “Positive signs in the global economy and fierce competition among mohair buyers led to a 1% increase in the average market indicator, which closed at R91,43kg,” said Deon Saayman, MSA’s general manager.

The overall sales clearance was 98,6%, with the highest price of R245,20/kg paid for a bale of 25 micron good style summer kid mohair. Compared to the previous sale, prices were as follows: kids (summer) up 3,3%; young goats (summer) up 2,4%; fine adults up 3,5%; and strong adults unchanged.

CMW’s Pierre van der Vyver said that “the general demand for adults was a bit of a surprise – market recovery was expected later this year. We’ll only know for sure if this indicates a permanent turnaround after the next sale.” The young goat market continued its upward trend while the kid market was something of a mixed bag with the very fine micron (21 to 23 micron) kids performing well, but average kids sliding downward. “Demand for kids should improve later in the season when better quality clips become available,” said Van der Vyver.

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