Namibia beef cattle profitability down by 40%

Rangeland management and conservation are becoming increasingly important in Namibia, according to Mecki Schneider, the Namibian Livestock Producers’ Organisation (LPO) chairperson.

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Namibia’s livestock producers farmed under some of the most arid conditions in Africa, he told at the 2015 LPO congress in Windhoek.

"Droughts are inevitable and we will have to adapt rangeland management practices accordingly to ensure long term sustainability and profitability."

A cost-production-index study showed that beef cattle profitability declined by 40% since 2006. "This calls for detailed management and the implementation of precision farming practices," said Schneider.

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Namibian livestock producers would be well advised to concentrate on establishing perennial grasses with strong root systems, he said. That would aid producers significantly during times of drought and would add to increased production.

Delegate Hendrik Botha said the stocking rate on his farm Agagia (Okahandja) had increased by 72% since he started combating bush encroachment in 1996.