NERPO rejects land ceiling

A land reform proposal suggesting that 50% of all commercial farms be given to farm workers “was not practical”.

This was according to Aggrey Mahanjana, executive director of the National Emergent Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (NERPO).

Speaking at NERPO’s 17th AGM in Pretoria, Mahajana said his organisation did not support the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform’s proposal as the move would be catastrophic to the country’s food security.

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He rejected allegations by Minister Gugile Nkwinti that NERPO itself had proposed commercial farmers cede 50% of their land to their workers.

“Instead, we propose that the minister implement the Green Paper [on land reform] urgently, and we also totally reject the land ceiling,” said Mahanjana.

According to the proposals tabled by Nkwinti, with a deadline for feedback of April next year, government would pay for the 50%.