New app for broiler farmers

A new mobile app is set to revolutionise the broiler production industry.

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Kiki Agri’s director Philip Kilian and his team will be rolling out Nkoko Broiler, an app designed to assist broiler farmers, both small to medium and commercial, to run and co-ordinate their day-to-day broiler production activities.

The new smartphone application – that for now will be available only on Android devices – will be launched mid-July. According to Kilian, the application will assist “in growing your broilers successfully,” as it provides broiler farmers with information on “how to measure daily progress and what to do per house with options to create up to six houses.”

Kilian said the Nkoko broiler app was user-friendly and can be downloaded for free.

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Kiki Agri is an emerging and small-scale farming support company.