Odendaalsrus farm murder

Jan Barnard, a farmer from Odendaalsrus, Free State, was murdered and his wife shot in the hip on Thursday.

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According to a Free State Agriculture (FSA) press release, the power went out in the Barnard house and Jan Barnard went outside to switch on their generator. He was then attacked by four men and shot.

His wife heard the shot and went outside to check on him. She was forced back into the house by the attackers, who demanded cash from her. They then shot her. It is not clear if anything was stolen, the release said.

Speaking to Farmer’s Weekly, Dr. Jane Buys, FSA safety desk, the suspects have not been apprehended yet.

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“We know police work long hours in cases like this and they are currently still on the scene and following up leads. We hope it leads to an arrest this time,” Buys said.

Buys also said that Mrs. Barnard is in serious but stable condition in hospital.

No arrests have been made as yet.