South Africa

Better food access, not production needed to solve hunger

Too much focus is placed on food production instead of access when it comes to finding solutions for food insecurity.

Farmers need information on FMD control progress

While South Africa’s livestock farmers appear to be in the dark on the subject, government veterinary health authorities are reportedly making headway in getting the country’s Foot-and-Mouth Disease-free status back.

Record table grape harvest

The 2011/2012 table grape harvest season has come to an end with the biggest harvest season ever recorded since deregulation.

Dark days ahead for dairy, but hope looms

Challenges for the dairy industry abound as raw milk production increased, while demand decreased, leading to a greater drop in producer prices.

SA must take advantage of Africa’s economic growth

The economic outlook for the EU, one of South Africa’s core markets for agricultural exports, isn’t very good, and SA’s agriculture sector needs to diversify when it comes to export...

Decoding bat droppings

Macadamia farmers could benefit from collaborative work between South African and Danish scientists, who aim to identify the insect prey contained in bat guano.

Training hub for developing pig farmers

A state-of-the art training facility for developing pig farmers was opened in Baynesfield near Pietermaritzburg recently.

Eaten alive!

Screwworm outbreaks cause problems in communal farming areas where parasite controls are inadequate.

SAMGA resists plans for change

In what has been described as a tragic day for the industry, Louw Retief, mohair farmer and long-time member of the executive committee of the SA Mohair Growers Association (SAMGA),...

Drought bad in northern KZN

Livestock farmers in northern KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Zululand are desperate for rain.

Racism, politics must be kept out of farming – Salam Abram

Government appointments made according to political favour, rather than ability, is one of the biggest problems facing the agricultural industry.

Fracking fears are for real

Swayed by the evidence, geo-hydrologist Prof Gerrit van Tonder told Roelof Bezuidenhout why he no longer supports fracking.


Fitting a McClellan saddle

Fitting a McClellan saddle

This American cavalry saddle has been in use for 159 years. It was employed in the American Civil war and the Second Anglo-Boer War, and is still used for stock...

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