Relief for drought stricken NW farmers

Some 14 000 bags of fodder weighing 50kg each have been distributed to 23 346 farmers who applied for drought relief in the North West since Monday, 18 November 2013.

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Farmers are expected to collect bags due to them at the department of agriculture’s Local Development Centres found in all the districts and at identified central sites.

The guidelines for distribution of the bags are as follows:

  • A farmer with 30 or more livestock units will get a maximum of 14 bags.
  • The supply for a farmer with less than 30 livestock units will be less than 14, with the actual number of bags provided based on the framework calculations. 

The distribution process follows the approval and allocation of emergency relief funds totalling R43 million by National Treasury.

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Farmers are urged to contact agricultural extension and advisory officers and Local Development Centre managers in their area for more information. Alternatively, the Provincial Disaster Management Centre can be contacted at 018 388 3888.