State-of-the-art herbicide filling line opens in Brits

A groundswell is rising to put agriculture in its rightful place where it can generate growth and employment and address food security and social inequality said Andrew Guthrie, regional director of Syngenta Africa and Asia at the opening of Syngenta’s upgraded herbicide filling plant in Brits this week.

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“Weed control through herbicide use needs attention in agriculture in Africa, because weeds are a key constraint to optimal plant production,” said Guthrie.

Only 5% of African farmers used herbicides regularly and the new filling line will make world class technology accessible to farmers, he added.

Last year Syngenta started on its Good Growth Plan aimed at improving resource efficiency, rejuvenating ecosystems and revitalising communities. The production efficiency of the world’s major crops had to increase by 20% without using extra land or water inputs and degraded farmland should be rehabilitated and soil fertility improved, said Guthrie.

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Empowering the world’s smallholder growers and helping them to lift productivity by 15% would make a significant difference to food supply.