TAU SA releases biannual farm attack figures

At least 30 people were murdered on farms between January and June this year. This was according to TAU SA’s biannual figures on farm attacks and murders, released today.

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The figure is the same for the corresponding period in 2013.

Deputy president of TAU SA and chairperson of its security committee, Henry Geldenhuys expressed his concern in a media statement.

“The number of farm attacks increased from 106 (from January to June) last year to 124 this year. It is clear that the number of attacks is increasing. The fact that the level of fatalities did not increase accordingly, is most likely due to greater awareness among farmers, as well as the fact that TAU SA’s rural safety plan is being implemented, thus increasing the safety and security footprint," Geldenhuys said.

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The South African Human Rights Commission’s (SAHRC) announcement to undertake an investigation into farm murders has been welcomed by TAU SA.

Geldenhuys however said TAU SA was concerned that the SAHRC’s investigation into farm attacks may be overshadowed by a concurrent investigation into employment conditions on farms.

“The two issues should be investigated separately and separate conclusions should be made," said Geldenhuys.