Krone claims the crown

The Premos mobile pelleting unit by Krone was regarded by many as the most exciting new product at Agritechnica 2015.

Krone claims the crown
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The general consensus among agricultural journalists at this year’s Agritechnica Expo in Hanover, Germany, was that the gold medal for innovation won by Krone for the world’s first mobile pellet harvester was well deserved.

This is how it works. The 2,35m-wide pickup lifts the crop, which is then transported from the feed rotor to a conveyor belt (the crop flow width is about 800mm). The material is fed between two press rollers (800mm wide and 800mm in diameter), each with alternating rows of teeth and perforations. The crop is forced through these into the interior of the roller. After pressing, the pellets are transported via a conveyor belt to an integrated hopper.

Premos pellets, which can be used for feed or fuel, are as easy to handle and transport as other bulk materials. About 2,5kg of pellets can replace 1kg of heating oil, resulting in significant cost savings.

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This year’s Agritechnica also saw the launch of the Krone BIG X 770 forage harvester, driven by a 16-litre 520kW MAN V8 engine. As with the 600, 700, 850 and 1100, the 770 comes with a cutterhead brake as standard. This brings the drum to a standstill from full speed in less than 10 seconds.

Forage pellets are up to four times denser than bales, and can be used for feed or fuel.

PowerSplit, a smart electronic engine output management system that automatically adapts the output of the common-rail engines to current harvest conditions, maximises engine efficiency.

Also on the stand was the massive Krone BIG X 1100. Probably the most powerful forage harvester in the world, it is powered by a 24-litre MAN V12 D2862 engine producing up to 793kW.

The new Krone BIG X forage harvester.

PowerSplit technology automatically adapts the engine output to the current harvest conditions. ‘Eco Power’ is used in situations that do not require full engine power, whereas ‘X Power’ delivers maximum power for difficult conditions.

Small bales in large packs
The Big Pack 870 HDP XC can produce up to nine smaller 800mm x 700mm bales bound in a 2 400mm-long pack. Each of the smaller bales weighs between 20kg and 50kg, depending on the density setting.

The latter, which is controllable from the tractor cab, can be set to produce a single bale up to 2 700mm long. With eight knotters, the bale packages are always securely tied.

Contractors needing to know the precise weight of bales can fit the optional bale chute with integral weighing system. The terminal displays not only the weight of every bale but the total weight of the bales in the complete baling operation.

The Big Pack 870 HDP XC multi-bale.

High-performance mower
The BIG M self-propelled mower conditioner was introduced to the international market in 1996. Krone claims that it has consistently produced excellent work rates. The mid-mounted side mowers and mid-mounted engine have several advantages, including a uniform weight distribution, for exemplary ride quality both on the land and on the road. This can be done at speeds of up to 40km/h. A low centre of gravity provides stability when working on slopes.

The driveline to the cutterbars is direct and different conditioners are available to suit various crops.

The BIG M 400 series also features a unique auger system that effectively merges 9m of crop into one single swathe.

The Krone BIG M mower conditioner.

Sharpening and changing made easy
Krone’s optional fully automatic sharpener for the knives of its forage wagon, sharpens 24 knives in one operation using flap discs that provide a cold grind to prevent annealing.

Pneumatic blade-changing tool.

Another useful tool, the Quick Change pressure tool, introduced at Agritechnica, allows blades on disc mowers to be changed in seconds. The claws clamp the knife holder’s spring plate down, exposing the knife pin. The operator then removes the knife and replaces or reverses it. It’s safe, simple and fast.

More bales per hour
The latest Krone Ultima CF 155 XC bales, wraps and unloads bales on the move, producing up to 50% more bales per hour than conventional balers. Krone also claims that its pre-compression technology ensures the highest bale density.

The Ultima CF 155 XC.