New equipment from Horsch

At a recent press conference in Germany, Horsch unveiled new machinery that will be displayed at the Agritechnica Show in Hanover in November.

New equipment from Horsch
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Horsch, the 29-year-old German manufacturer of seed planters and sprayers, recently launched its latest models to the media. Pride of place went to the Horsch Leeb PT 330 self-propelled sprayer. The machine boasts spraying speeds of up to 30km/h, a maximum road speed of 60km/h and a spraying height as low as 300mm.

Its control system uses sensors and an extremely fast proportional hydraulic valve to keep the boom level over undulating terrain. This allows the operator to spray very close to the target area. Also on display at the press conference was the Horsch Joker RT, designed for shallow stubble cultivation, mixing crop residue and high-speed shallow seedbed preparation. The latest model features a middle chassis between the discs and the packer rings, ensuring optimal weight distribution, less bouncing on the land, and smoother transport on the road.

Additional double control wheels maintain an accurate working depth. The 12m working width folds down to 3m for transport, while the new 520mm serrated discs permit aggressive working and good penetration. They are equipped with maintenance-free, oil-filled bearings and a suspension system that guarantees clearance for the free flow of crop residue.

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Leeb sprayers

The Leeb GS 6000 sprayer has been joined by the Leeb GS 7000 and GS 8000. (The capacity in litres is shown in the designation.) These single-axle sprayers with air suspension are compact and highly manoeuvrable. Optional kingpin steering ensures that the sprayer stays exactly on track, even on slopes. The stainless steel tanks are carried on a solid main frame that fits like a saddle, keeping the centre of gravity low. Other features are 75mm suction lines, speed filling and a 1 000l/ min pump. This allows for an application rate of up to 600l/ ha with a 30m boom at a speed of 12km/h.

The new Focus TD
Horsch is considered to be one of the pioneers of strip-till technology, having launched the first Focus TD in 2007. Available in 4m and 6m working width, the latest model combines tillage and fertilisation with simultaneous sowing, cultivating only where the seed is planted. Row widths can be 300mm or 150mm and working depth can be set from 100mm to 350mm, while the depth of fertiliser placement can be altered to suit soil conditions and crop requirement.

Single-grain technology for grain crops
New single-grain technology is now available for Horsch seed drills equipped with TurboDisc seed coulters. Seed is supplied from a hopper through a central volume metering unit. This pre-metered seed is pneumatically conveyed to the seed row, where a new TurboDisc coulter body with a mounted metering unit singles the seed and places it in the soil. Existing machines can be upgraded.

The Partner system
Horsch has introduced the Partner system that spreads fertiliser in a controlled manner during cultivation. It works in combination with the Horsch Terrano cultivators and can be part of a strip-till regime. The fertiliser can be placed shallow or deep, depending on the adjustment of the distributor on the cultivator coulter. The Horsch rear hopper has a 2 800l capacity, with two compartments split 70/30. This means that the two fertiliser components can be metered independently to suit soil requirements. Seed such as canola can also be planted. The pressurised rear hopper can be retro-fitted to existing Terrano cultivators.

The Joker CT
The Joker CT compact three-point linkage mounted harrow is available in widths from 3m to 6m. The latest models have 520mm discs for more intensive working and better flow of crop residues. The well-proven rubber suspension system ensures effective contour-following and protection from stone damage.