Ninth generation of CR Twin Rotor combines

New Holland’s latest CR combine harvesters improve harvesting efficiency for large-scale operations, offering flexibility for all crops from grain through to maize and rice.

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The ninth generation of CR harvesters offer increased capacity and throughput, and the grain handling system has been upgraded to match.

Longer intervals between unloading also improve productivity in the land. The unloading spout directs the crop forward and outward for better distribution and a longer unloading distance, so taller, higher capacity trailers and chaser bins can be used.

The CR9070, CR9080 and CR9090 models offer an optional unloading auger extension of 1,3m for even more flexibility. The largest 12 500â„“ grain tank can be emptied in 100 seconds.

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The powerful Tier 4A-compliant engines improve productivity while reducing emissions, and provide a maximum harvesting power of 336kW to 428kW.

Flexible rotor solutions
New Holland’s Twin Rotor technology ensures a mere 0,1% cracked grain – the lowest in the industry – and the best straw quality for baling. The Twin Rotor’s spiral design propels the crop gently backwards to help thresh and separate it, perfect for extensive operations which need maximum throughput in all conditions.

The narrow frame CR8070 to CR8080 models feature 432mm rotors. Heavy duty, high-capacity 559mm rotors are fitted to the wide frame CR9070, CR9080 and CR9090 models. The 432mm S³ rotors have two intake flights, and the 559mm variant three. Both feature a dedicated separation and threshing area.

For damp conditions, New Holland offers the Twin Pitch 559mm rotors, also available in rice and small grain versions. Featuring 44 elements, they maintain aggressive separation in difficult conditions and can increase capacity by up to 10%.

The CR range’s rotors can be precision adjusted. Optional rotor vanes can vary the speed of the crop flow, and additional rasp bars and agitation pins can be configured to suit the crop.

The SmartTrax system
New Holland’s SmartTrax system has a triangular structure for up to 57% lower ground pressure than wheeled machines, and for better stability with the same manoeuvrability as conventional tyres. Positive lug drive transfers maximum tractive force to the ground.

The separate drive and tensioning wheels improve mechanical efficiency and reliability. Meanwhile, the automatic continuous tensioning belt maintains maximum traction. Rubber-block suspension with three central independent rollers offers a better ride both in the land and on the road, at speeds of up to 30km/h.

SmartTrax are available at widths of 24” (610mm), to conform with the 3,5m transport width restriction, and 30” (760mm) for extreme conditions. They offer unsurpassed traction on steep slopes or mud. The unique swivel mechanism can even lift the CR out of ruts on boggy ground.