Allflight results

After a series of pre-final training flights and five Hot Spots, the final event of the Allflight One-Day Loft summer series was held on 12 August, from Noupoort. Thomas Smit reports.

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A combined sum of R235 750 was paid out to the owners of the first 70 pigeons that scored in the final of the 2012 Allflight One-Day Loft summer series. The loft is situated on the premises of the Carnival City casino complex in Springs on the East Rand. A total of 775 pigeons competed at an entry fee of R750 per bird. The race was fast-paced due to a strong south-westerly wind blowing behind the returning flock.

A record speed of 2 091,026m per minute was achieved by the first four pigeons, which surprised everyone by arriving at 1.05pm, after completing the distance of 639km in just more than five hours. These first four pigeons beat the rest by 24 minutes. The winning pigeon was Popeye, entered by Dick du Rand. The flock was liberated at 8am.

The top 10 were: Dick du Rand (R65 000); Gaddin Brothers & Charl Stander (R30 000); Pretorius & Cooper (R20 000); Witpen Hokke (R15 000); Lothar Lange (R12 000); Willi & Marlies Ferchen (R4 000); GTJ Loft Sindikaat (R4 000); Hennie & Willie Hokke (R4 000); Quentin-Brett de Beer (R4 000); and Gerrit Harmse (R4 000).

Hot Spots

Five Hot Spot races were held, the winner of each receiving a Benzing electronic clock. An additional R750 was awarded to the continuous nine positions on each Hot Spot. The results were as follows:

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  • Hot Spot 1, held from Ventersburg (243km) on 28 June: won by Pavlik Zdenek Johann Liebl (Germany).
  • Hot Spot 2, held from Winburg (243km) on 4 July: won by Hennie Moll (SA).
  • Hot Spot 3, held from Winburg (243km) on 11 July: won by Pat Wright (SA).
  • Hot Spot 4, held from Bloemfontein (390km) on 18 July: won by Dieter Siebert (Germany).
  • Hot Spot 5, held from Edenburg (490km) on 1 August: won by Pavlik Zdenek Johann Liebl (Germany).

Pocket money
Six pocket money races were part of the pre-finals:

  • From Heilbron (128km) on 8 June: won by Franz Bieske (SA).
  • From Heilbron (128km) on 12 June: won by GTJ Loft Syndicate (SA).
  • From Koppies (142km) on 15 June: won by PC Lofts (SA).
  • From Kroonstad (182km) on 20 June: won by Team Benzing and Bryan Marshall (SA).
  • From Heilbron (128km) on 25 July: won by Pavlik Zdenek Johann Liebl (Germany).
  • From Vyandsvlei (100km) on 9 August: won by Gaddin Brothers and Charl Stander (SA).

Car race
A total of R53 800 was paid out to the top 10 positions in the Allflight Car Race. The pigeons that completed the last two Hot Spot Races and the final in the best combined flying time were the Car Race winners. The top 10: Desert Queen Racing Pigeons (R12 300); Avante Hokke (R9 000); Willie & Willie (R8 500); Pavlik Zdenek Johann Liebl (R7 300); Desert Queen Racing Pigeons (R6 300); Gaddin Brothers and Charl Stander (R4 200); Stoekie van Rooyen (R2 600); Willi & Marlies Ferchen (R2 600); Gaddin Brothers and Charl Stander (R500); and Eddie Reynders & Partner (R500).

The Hot Ace pigeons were decided by the top performing 2012 pigeons in the Allflight summer series which completed all the Hot Spots and final in the shortest flying times. These were: Antonio Da Silva Domingues (R10 000); Avante Hokke (R5 000); and Desert Queen Racing Pigeons (R2 500).

Well done to all the winners!

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