The success of People First Piggery co-operative

Hard work and tenacity have turned a tiny enterprise into a flourishing commercial operation.
Rearing pigs on acorns

Rearing pigs on acorns

Acorn-fed pigs is a Spanish and Portuguese tradition. Oak Valley Estate in the Elgin Valley is one of just a few commercial, free-range, acorn-fed pig farms in South Africa.

From unutilised land to successful piggery

The Doornspruit Community Trust has put land donated to it by the Catholic Church to good use by opening a piggery. The operation has begun doing well, and today supplies...

New deal for pig farmers

Smart producers realise that producing within environmentally and socially sustainable limits is an opportunity, says Dr Glen Illing of Topigs. He was speaking at the recent RSA Pork Producers’ Organisation...
Commercial pig production: A quick income earner

Commercial pig production: A quick income earner

Not having specific skills to diversify should not be a deterrent, according to Thami Zimu.

Top pig stud gains from strong genetics

A strict selection policy, in which only 50% of female piglets born are selected as F1 gilts, has gained the Leanside pig stud a reputation for superior genetics. It has...
Pigs as pets: Breeding teacup pigs

Pigs as pets: Breeding teacup pigs

Steven Watermeyer is breeding micro pigs to meet the local demand for pet porkies.
How to survive economically in pork production

How to survive economically in pork production

Neil Dry focuses on exceptional genetics in the management of his piggery in North West.
How a piggery improved pig welfare

How a piggery improved pig welfare

Rob and Ian Butt introduced housing pens to improve the welfare of their pigs.

A piggery against all odds

Former factory workers Pleasure Molaudzi and Nomsa Mlangeni are at last following their true interest – running a piggery. Despite hardships, they are determined to succeed. Peter Mashala reports.
helping small-scale pig farmers

How SAPPO is helping small-scale pig farmers

The Baynesfield Training Academy in KZN offers emerging farmers training in pig production.

Pigs reared on pastures and acorns

Allowing pigs to graze like sheep will never keep supermarkets stocked brimful with bacon, as Charlie Crowther admits. But he has nonetheless found a market for his pasture-reared pigs. Denene...


Dezzi three-wheeler cane-loader

Local manufacturers seen at Royal Show

Every year, the Royal Show features exhibitors and agricultural equipment quite different from those at Nampo. The Royal Show is also a showcase for smaller and local manufacturers.

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