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Pigs reared on pastures and acorns

Allowing pigs to graze like sheep will never keep supermarkets stocked brimful with bacon, as Charlie Crowther admits. But he has nonetheless found a market for his pasture-reared pigs. Denene Erasmus reports.
Superior genetics ensures pig breeding profits

Superior genetics ensure pig breeding profits

Arthur Gee says that only superior genetics can counteract declining profits in pork production.
Pigs-how-to-get-started Part-2

Pigs: how to get started – Part 2

In this second instalment on farming pigs, we look at which breeds to consider and how to examine a pig to see whether it’s healthy.

Producing weaners for the feedlot

Zodwa Twala urges new pig farmers to receive proper training before starting their ventures.
Success with pigs

Success with pigs

Former teacher and nurse Zodwa Twala of Kromdraai produces weaners at her piggery for the feedlot market in Pretoria. She urges new farmers to receive proper training before starting their venture. Peter Mashala spoke to her.

Choosing the right pig breed for your farm

Choosing the right kind of pig for your level of management is very important.