Basic infrastructure for small-scale pig farming

The size of your pig housing infrastructure will depend on the number of pigs you have. Ideally, it should be strong, simple and adaptable, and it need not be expensive, says Shane Brody.

How whey can cut the cost of pig feed

Alternative feed options can help to buffer the impact of rising costs, especially when prices increase due to adverse climatic conditions. Mauro Delle Donne of Zandam Farm explained to Glenneis Kriel how he lowers production costs by using software technology and whey from his cheese factory.

Pig farming: starting from scratch

There are several key factors to consider before deciding to farm pigs, whether intensively or free range, says Shane Brody.
Intensive or free-range pig farming?

Intensive or free-range pig farming?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself when considering raising pigs, says Shane Brody.
6 facts about feeding pigs

6 facts about feeding pigs

Dr Elsje Pieterse of the Department of Animal Sciences at Stellenbosch University offers some advice on good feeding practices.
Successful piggery businesses in South Africa

Successful piggery businesses in South Africa

Number Two Piggeries currently employs 1 000 people, and farms a total of 20 000 breeding sows.

The success of People First Piggery co-operative

Hard work and tenacity have turned a tiny enterprise into a flourishing commercial operation.
Rearing pigs on acorns

Rearing pigs on acorns

Acorn-fed pigs is a Spanish and Portuguese tradition. Oak Valley Estate in the Elgin Valley is one of just a few commercial, free-range, acorn-fed pig farms in South Africa.

From unutilised land to successful piggery

The Doornspruit Community Trust has put land donated to it by the Catholic Church to good use by opening a piggery. The operation has begun doing well, and today supplies baconers weekly to an abattoir.

New deal for pig farmers

Smart producers realise that producing within environmentally and socially sustainable limits is an opportunity, says Dr Glen Illing of Topigs. He was speaking at the recent RSA Pork Producers’ Organisation AGM in Durban.
Commercial pig production: A quick income earner

Commercial pig production: A quick income earner

Not having specific skills to diversify should not be a deterrent, according to Thami Zimu.

Top pig stud gains from strong genetics

A strict selection policy, in which only 50% of female piglets born are selected as F1 gilts, has gained the Leanside pig stud a reputation for superior genetics. It has also earned it the 2013 SA Studbook and Vleissentraal Elite Pig Stud award.

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