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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest sheep and goat farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Mastering the art of extensive Angora farming

Against all odds, Barries Snijman has tamed the tough Karoo to develop a flock of veld-adapted Angoras that produce quality mohair. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
Persian sheep: Putting fat back onto Dorpers

Persian sheep: Putting fat back onto Dorpers

Breeders are quietly optimistic that they can develop a modern animal for the profitable sheep-fat market, while Persians are increasingly being used to breed fat and fertility back into Dorpers, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Letelle – The perfect-balance sheep

Locally bred Letelle sheep are known to be economically balanced, hardy animals that are well adapted to South Africa's sometimes harsh environment.

Sprouts for sheep

A livestock farmer, plagued by stock theft, turned to feeding sprouting grain in a feedlot to protect his sheep. And his trial has yielded some impressive results. Robyn Joubert reports.

Boosting Merino potential with lucerne

Ben Lategan is the national runner-up of the National Wool Growers Association/FNB best economically classed clip in South Africa for 2009/10. His Merino enterprise on 6 000ha in the Burgersdorp district of the Eastern Cape includes 180ha of irrigated lucerne, allowing him to get the most from his sheep. Mike Burgess reports.

Dohnes add real value to irrigation farm

Free State father-and-son farming team, Leon Trollip and Leon Trollip Jr, found that their Dohnes prosper on lucerne, helping to stabilise the income of their irrigated farming enterprise. Breed manager Henri Londt of the Dohne Merino Breed Society SA reports.

Indigenous Mbuzis: veld-efficient survivors

In 2009 Lionel Whittal became the first registered Mbuzi goat breeder in South Africa. Mike Burgess recently visited him on his 400ha farm Sandilli, in the Bolo area of the Eastern Cape to see what impact these small, well-proportioned, disease-resistant indigenous goats are having on his farming enterprise.

Goat’s milk – tapping into global health demands

Powdered goat's milk is one of the world's biggest agricultural value-adding businesses because it is more digestible than cow's milk. Now former Zimbabwean farmer Jean Vos and his brother-in-law François de Chalain have tapped into the potentially lucrative local market with their Saanen goat's milk products.

E Cape farmers desperate to stop sheep massacres

Farmers in the Eastern Cape towns of Indwe and Dordrecht have sustained huge losses of their Merino sheep as they are attacked, killed and mauled by stray dogs. Tim and Sharon Salmon investigate.

Dohne’s versatility impresses Australians

It was in 2006, the driest year Australian sheep farmers have ever experienced, that the SA Dohne Merino came into its own, delivering excellent lamb crops and wool clips. Former South African Dohne Merino breed director Cameron McMaster gives a first-hand account of the phenomenal success of this South African breed in Australia.

Indigenous Veld Goats: made for Africa

Eastern Cape farmer Lionel Whittal, who runs a herd of 100 Indigenous Veld Goat ewes on his farm in Bolo in the Eastern Cape says the breed is gaining popularity among goat breeders due to its great mothering abilities, excellent disease resistance and adaptability. Greg Miles reports

The Indigenous Veld Goat debuts as SA’s new breed

By mid-February, SA will have five indigenous goat breeds. The Indigenous Veld Goat will soon be officially registered as a breed and a breeders' society established. Issue Date:9 February 2007