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Karoo sheep farmer outwits predators with his nail collar

In a desperate attempt to limit livestock losses due to predation, Karoo farmer Eddie Steenkamp devised a plan to protect his livestock, and has achieved remarkable success. Jeandré van der...
saanen goats

Award-winning goat’s cheese from Clarens

After teaching herself cheesemaking, Estee van Aswegen entered her Baris cheeses at the South African Dairy Championships and won top of class.
mutton merino sheep

Breeding fuss-free Mutton Merino sheep

The changing climate and rising input costs are forcing farmers to find innovative ways to remain economically viable. Hugo Wiehahn, owner of Hugo Wiehahn en Seuns Mutton Merino stud near...

Intensive lambing system produces better weaning percentages

Theron Swanepoel of AM Swanepoel Boerdery near Smithfield in the Free State began converting his extensive lambing operation into an intensive system more than a decade ago. At the Free...
yellowish diarrohea

Diarrhoea in lambs: prevention and treatment

Thousands of lambs and calves have died in South Africa and Botswana in recent years due to a virulent, fast-spreading Cryptosporidium and Escherichia coli disease complex. Veterinarian Dr Liezel Wasserman,...
Valais Black Nose sheep

Valais Black Nose sheep: adorable, delicious and lucrative

On a small lifestyle farm near the rural town of Cambridge in New Zealand, Andrew and Leigh-Anne Peake are establishing the Valais Black Nose sheep as a new breed in...
Boergoat ram

The future of Boer goats in South Africa

Boer goat stud breeders from across the country were in Bloemfontein at the start of May to participate in the annual Boerbok, Kalahari Red and Savanna World Show. Sabrina Dean...
meatmaster sheep

Meatmasters: bred for tough conditions and good meat

Jean du Plessis refers to himself as a ‘bush breeder’, someone who selects with the eye and farms in harmony with his natural environment. Sabrina Dean visited him in the...

Self-made farmer shares his success story

The story of Cornel Landman shows what can be achieved through good business sense and sheer determination. He told Glenneis Kriel about his farming enterprise, which grew from humble beginnings.
Boer goats

Intensive Boer goat farming: Good money, endless demand

Free State Boer goat farmer Mariaan Grobler says intensive production is a viable option as there are never enough goats available to meet demand. Sabrina Dean visited her on her...
goats cheese

Getting started with dairy goats: practical tips from a farmer

Three years ago, WA Hugo started farming dairy goats on 8ha just outside Lambert’s Bay. Today, he has a herd of 150 goats and produces various cheese products. Jeandré van...
lamb and ewes

How best to feed lambs and ewes

The first phases of a lamb’s life are crucial for future growth. Kenneth Hamlett of Tau Mills spoke to Gerhard Uys about correct feeding practices for lambs and in-lamb ewes.


Coronavirus lockdown hampers SA’s farming activities

South Africa’s national lockdown aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) global pandemic is already taking its toll on farmers.
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