A chilli-hot reception for an intruder

This portable, self-installable security system blasts pepper spray onto intruders, keeping your family safe.
Issue date 13 February 2009

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Recognising the fact that sirens, electric fences and conventional security products are no longer a deterrent to even the novice housebreaking perpetrator, the Midrand-based company Chilli Pepper Security Systems (CPSS) has developed a range of innovative security systems.
All the systems operate on the principle of passive infrared (PIR) sensors activated by intruders. The intruder is then blasted with oleoresin capsicum pepper spray from a replaceable aerosol dispenser and can incapacitate intruders for up to half an hour.
Although the range includes sophisticated installer-based systems, the most popular is a portable DIY system, supplied as a complete package. Requiring no professional installation keeps costs down and eliminates the need to have strangers install it. Its main application is as an instant, local protection device for property. It’s ideal as temporary protection and can be expanded with integrated secondary or slave systems.
It’s completely portable and can be taken on holiday to protect cottages or caravans. Another benefit is that if it’s installed correctly, it won’t be activated by pets of up to 40kg.
The system incorporates “safe” and “panic” facilities, a piercing siren and a dual function alarm and spray system. It can be armed or disarmed via remote or by cellphone controls. The two remote, code-hopping arm and disarm controls have four selectable gas-spray time settings of between one and 10 seconds.
Battery operation is backed up by an automatic mains charger. Being expandable, it can be connected to a controller output, a main alarm system and an off-site video surveillance system for remote activation and monitoring. It’s designed to operate at temperatures of between -20°C to 50°C.
The less time a criminal spends on a premises, the less damage and loss as well as subsequent downtime will be suffered. The system costs about R3 267.
For more information contact Auriel Mitchley on (011) 889 0796 or e-mail [email protected]     |fw