Quality organic compost from recycled waste

Using an aerobic process to decompose waste for composting is innovative and environmentally friendly
Issue date: 6 February 2009

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Remade Organics is the first successful compost-producing facility in Johannesburg to make and supply fully aerobic compost and a range of top-quality compost products. Southern Johannesburg was identified as a target area after a survey on illegal dumping was conducted. By providing an ecofriendly site where refuse can be delivered to be properly recycled, the company also provides a solution for generators of organic refuse. It uses a strict aerobic process with specialised equipment, regularly turning the compost to aerate it and ensure proper aerobic decomposition. This process eliminates the formation of methane gas and is a logical processing alternative for organic refuse usually dumped at landfill sites. Methane is a greenhouse gas produced when organic refuse decomposes under anaerobic conditions in a landfill site.
Remade Organics has been identified as a Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Reduction Strategy project, contributing to the prevention of global warming. In addition to its composting facility, Remade is also a recycling company offering on-site waste recycling, on-site mobile composting, and “cash for trash” projects. These comprehensive services complement every contributing company’s greening goals, as contributors receive monthly recycling reports for their records.
Stock can be supplied within 24 hours and includes mulch, potting soil and lawn dressing. Compost is sold for R8 for a 12kg bag, mulch at R6/12kg bag, potting soil for R10/12kg bag and lawn dressing for R10/12kg bag. Prices are slightly more if the product is delivered.
The compost is also used to enhance food-garden projects, in mine rehabilitation and for landscaping. The product is ideal for organic farmers converting to organic production. “I have found passion for the environment has helped create this success story and our strict production monitoring will ensure consumers a consistent quality product,” says Gina Shoemaker, project manager of Remade Organics. “We offer savings to all who are passionate about the environment.” – Chris Nel
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