Agri Gauteng grows up

Agri Gauteng will now be an AGRI SA associate, and not an affiliate.

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This means it will be independent, but maintain good relations with Agri SA. “Agri SA amended their constitution a year ago to say it would no longer have internal organisations,” explained Agri Gauteng general manager Freek Tomlinson.Agri SA spokesperson Thea Liebenberg joked, “Agri Gauteng has turned 21 and needs to move out of the house.”

At Agri Gauteng’s recent AGM, André Botha was re-elected president, Frans van den Bergh was elected vice-president, while Angelo de Andrade of Lucky Farm in the Randfontein district was named Gauteng’s Young Farmer of the Year.

Botha, who recently returned from a trip to the US, said, “The quality of our livestock, especially Beefmasters, is comparable, while the rest of our produce compares beautifully.” He said that the state tends to delegate authority for agricultural concerns to lower levels of government, so farmers and their organisations had to bear those responsibilities. 

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