Annual Karoo Nguni Club Sale

Highest (bull): R35 000

Graaff-Reinet – The Annual Karoo Nguni Club Sale took place at the Graaff-Reinet showgrounds on 12 April. On offer under the auspices of the Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Society were 49 females and four bulls. The four bulls all of Oufontein farming, sold for an average of R21 250. The bull, OF 08 033, sold for the top price of R35 000 to Stuart & Craig Ferreira of De Aar. The top priced female (OF 08 33) also of Oufontein Farming sold for R14 000 to Scott Houseman of Graaff-Reinet.

Seventeen cows in calf averaged R9 312. Fourteen cows with calves averaged R8 775. Six pregnant cows with calves (3-in-1) averaged R9 567. The commercial section consisted of 119 females. Five open cows averaged R5 260. Thirty-four cows in calf averaged R7 282. Twenty-one cows with calves averaged R7 547. Nine pregnant cows with calves (3-in-1) averaged R8 878. The top priced commercial cow (3-in-1), of P Ferreira of De Aar, sold for R12 400 to Potfontein Farms Trust. Sixteen heifers fetched R6 443 on average, and 31 pregnant heifers fetched R7 339. One heifer with first calf fetched R8 000. The sale was conducted by Sheard Auctioneers.