Barrel cleaning made easy

Absorbent-felt pellets that clean rifle and handgun barrel bores effortlessly.

Barrel cleaning made easy
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Innovative, efficient and proven, the VFG bore cleaning system cleans shotgun, rifle and handgun barrel bores with minimum effort and mess. 

Slip two felt pellets onto the shaft of the cleaning rod adaptor, apply the appropriate solvent and push it through the bore to rapidly scrub out dirt and fouling. Pellets fit the adaptor snugly to easily follow the rifling for fast, efficient cleaning. As you withdraw the rod, the front pellet falls off while the rear pellet polishes the bore. The system lets you apply cleaning solvent, bore cleaner, bore paste and oil without making a mess.

Plain pellets are made from a highly absorbent, hardened felt. Super Intensive pellets contain interwoven brass fibres for increased scrubbing action to quickly clean heavily fouled bores. They are suitable for use with any of the proprietary bore cleaning products and make them go a lot further. Moreover, they do away with the old-fashioned jag and flannel patches that are inclined to come off and get stuck in the bore.

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The VFG system consists of an adaptor that screws onto the end of the cleaning rod and the pellets that fit over the shaft of the adaptor.

It is available in the full range or rifle, handgun and shotgun calibres from Arms for Africa in Polokwane. Prices vary with bore size, pellet type and package size. Some examples:

  • .22-calibre plain felt (80) R102;
  • .22-calibre plain felt (500) R430; 
  • .50-calibre plain felt (250) R458;
  • 12-gauge plain felt (25) R215, all prices excluding VAT. 

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