Commodity organisations

In agricultural and business publications we often read about commodities and commodity organisations. Susan Pletts provides some definitions.

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An agricultural commodity is any plant, animal or animal product produced primarily for sale, consumption, propagation, or other use by humans or animals. This would include all types of farming. Certain commodity producers have grouped themselves into associations committed to developing the commodity in all respects and offering assistance to other members of the group. They enhance the product’s marketability through research and quality monitoring and also help with the training of emerging commercial farmers.


Cotton SA: 012 804 1462
Forestry SA: 033 346 0344
South African Cane Growers’ Association (Canegrowers): 031 508 7200
Potatoes SA: 012 349 1906/7
Tomato Producers’ Organisation: 015 395 2040


Some commodity organisations, such as the South African Sugar Association (Sasa), are responsible for selling the commodity they represent. The South African Cane Growers’ Association (Canegrowers) is also part of the multi-faceted sugar industry. Sasa interacts with growers and millers, among its other functions. The farmers are represented by Canegrowers, which controls extension services and provides economic advisors.

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