Denorco celebrated 2anniversaries at Nampo

South African firm Denorco used Nampo 2008 to celebrate two milestones in the company’s history – 60 years since the introduction of Mono pumps, and 30 years of showing at this prestigious annual show. Joe Spencer reports.

Issue date : 06 June 2008

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The progressing cavity technology at the heart of the Mono range of positive displacement pumps has been extremely successful in SA agriculture and industry, for boreholes, water transfer and a wide range of industrial applications. A t a function held at the Nampo show, Denorco’s industrial product manager Steven Rose explained, “Mono started back in 1935 in England. By developing the principle of a Frenchman, Dr Rene Moineau, the first seeds were sown for the international growth the company has achieved today. “sales agency was set up in in 1948.

During the 1950s, the company imported industrial products from the parent company in Manchester, and later developed its own borehole range using a flexible shaft drive, as Mono UK didn’t have a borehole pump. Subsequently, the basic design was adopted in both the UK and Australia. Today the flexible shaft principal is widely used around the world.” By 1956, the agency became a registered company under the name Mono Pumps (Africa) Pty Ltd, making British-designed pumps locally. By 1964, the company had started manufacturing operations with a small factory at Lakeview Road, Ophirton.

“To this day, the Mono range of pumps is the benchmark for progressive cavity pumps in South Africa, where versatility and reliability are essential,” said Rose. “Denorco continues to grow the sales of this highly regarded brand and we see a great future for the range in times to come,” he concluded. Frik Adendorff, agricultural product manager at Denorco says, “The range is favoured by many farmers due to its robustness and ruggedness.

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For the last 60 years this range has served SA’s agricultural needs and the range’s forgiving nature makes it one of the most popular positive displacement pumps in the country. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear an farmer has a Mono pump up and running that’s 60 years old!” In addition to the Mono range, Denorco exhibited its family of product brands that are all market leaders in various fields of pump applications. Contact Frik Adendorff on (011) 609 4150 or e-mail [email protected]. |fw