Equipment at the Cape Agri Show

The first Cape Agri Show in Paarl exhibited a huge variety of equipment aimed at fruit and wine production. Glenneis Kriel reports.
Issue date :22 May 2009

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The first Cape Agri Show in Paarl exhibited a huge variety of equipment aimed at fruit and wine production. Glenneis Kriel reports.

The 2 000â„“ Futura Full Spray is ideal for weed control in orchards and vineyards, and has a unique premixing compartment so farmers can mix chemicals or pesticides in the sprayer itself. Price: R120 000 plus VAT.
Contact Ronnie de Klerk from Jaytrade at 082 783 3836.


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The premixing system of the 2 000â„“ Futura Full Spray.

The Xstream Vlotterstream water cylinder has a specially designed float valve and spreader that allows cold incoming water to flow to the bottom of the tank.
The hot water outlet on the opposite end draws water from the top of the tank, allowing for maximum hot water draw-off and limiting mixing of cold and heated water inside the tank.
The units are solar compatible as a standard, but also have electrical back-up and can be supplied with either a 1,2kW or 3kW hard water element.
Price: R2 650 plus VAT for a 150â„“ Xstream Vlotterstream cylinder, or R7 125 plus VAT for a cylinder and 2m² solar panel.
E-mail Xstream at [email protected], call (021) 872 0900 or visit


This ozone generator is ideal for neutralising foul odours in bathrooms and kitchens.
Larger units are also available for sterilising bottles, citrus and animal-living areas.
The generator produces ozone (O3), which is unstable and readily decays into oxygen. Ozone’s third atom attaches to pollutants, bacteria and viruses to oxidise them harmlessly and leave pure oxygen. Ozone has a sterilisation and disinfection rate over 3 000 times faster than that of chlorine water and is also far safer.
Price: Prices range from R350 plus VAT upwards, depending on capacity and function.
Contact Ozone Innovations on (021) 854 6400
or visit


Eco Aqua Reverse Osmosis equipment for desalinating water was on display. The company analyses water on a farm and builds a unit according to the results. The units can be covered with panels for extra protection, are computer-controlled and can produce 100â„“/hour upwards of desalinated water.
Price: A typical system such as this one can produce 20 000â„“ of water per day and costs around R70 000 plus VAT.
Contact Eco Aqua on (021) 853 1388 or visit

The High Power UV Steriliser can be used for barrel, water and tank sterilisation. UV sterilisation solves harmful pathogen problems, and is unmatched in its efficiency, simplicity and dependability as a disinfectant against microorganisms.
Prices range from R3 000 plus VAT. Contact Ozone Innovations on (021) 854 6400 or visit

The Yamaha Rhino 700CC with fuel injection is the ultimate lightweight utility vehicle for orchards and vineyards.
Its advantage over a quad bike is that it’s a two-seater, so farmers can take a passenger with them when visiting orchards. It’s also much safer and more comfortable. The Rhino can also be fitted with kit for game-viewing.
Price: R130 000 plus VAT.
Contact Johan Sauerman at Droomers Yamaha on (021) 948 0871.