Fingertip control of your entire farm!

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Business owners,including farmers, are often urged to “work smarter, not harder”. Now there’s a device that puts this theory into hi-tech practice – helping you to manage your electrically powered equipment effortlessly and revolutionising your time management. The Centurion G-Switch-22 is a GSMbased module that enables you to monitor every device, from the level of a reservoir to the alarm on an electric fence. An SMS notifies you the moment the power is cut – invaluable in a world where cable theft is common.

The G-Switch-22 can also be used to remotely activate two electrical devices or functions, such as switching on a pump, activating a sprinkler system or opening a farm gate. This can be done wherever there is mobile phone coverage. And in areas with little or no coverage, you can configure a standard landline to activate the module. The unit can be programmed easily by sending an SMS from your mobile phone, or by using the unique G-WEB interface, which allows you to add or delete numbers, change pulse times, edit input and output functions and activation methods, and perform other tasks.

Protection against crime

In our crime-ridden environment, it’s particularly good to know that the G-Switch-22 can be used to send a notification SMS when an alarm is triggered or a confirmation SMS when an alarm or electric fence is armed. The system can even be interfaced with infrared beams and Centurion D-Series gate motors to send an SMS when the beams are interrupted.

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The unit is password-protected to prevent a would-be criminal from entering his own mobile phone number into the system. As an added security benefit, the Centurion Systems website maintains detailed logs of transactions carried out by the G-Switch-22. G-Switch-22 GSMmodules are available directly from Centurion Systems as well as from leading security outlets.

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