Gas generation in SA?

You once had an article about generating natural gas from dung.

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With the ‘Meatless Monday’ promotion, I wondered about harnessing the ‘bad gas’ from feedlots on a commercial basis, as a by-product, for electricity production and heating. The same principle could be applied at city sewage works as well. The environmental activists in South Africa always fall short on their pragmatic approach to environmental issues.

Take Karoo fracking. There are known aquifers in the Karoo that are already naturally arsenic and deadly poisonous. What will happen if fracking causes these poisonous arsenic aquifers to mix with usable water? Where is the research regarding this?
It’s no use drilling ‘test holes’ just to discover that fracking has mixed the different water sources in the deep bowl of the earth. Mixing the different layers of the earth’s water won’t dilute the poison which has already leached from the rock formations.