Labelling is important!

I would like to take issue with Dr Koos Coetzee’s article ‘Stop misleading the consumer’ (2 November, pg 34).

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Yes, the educated public do want to know what goes into food production. Information and labelling is important – it is not gratuitous propaganda and consumers do not buy because advertisers tell them to do so. Your comments are deplorable, without foundation and exhibit a dishonourable dangerous agenda.

There is enough evidence of the dangers of uncontrolled chemicals, various toxic substances and antibiotics, published internationally, that substantially supports the discovery of risk to public health. Further, ethics play a role in eating habits – educated humane people do not enjoy consuming food produced from maltreated animals and have a right to motivate alternatives.

All farmers cannot be trusted to act honestly and will cheat as do other commercial sectors. By all means, treat sick animals with antibiotics but blanket additives to keep animals ‘healthy’ in factory farms is unacceptable. GM seed has far to go before its final effects on health and biodiversity can be measured.

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I am a certified organic wine grape grower. In the 10 years of my operation, I have eradicated by natural means mealie bugs and snails. From a birdless sterile farm, I now have abundant balanced wildlife that naturally inhibit the main problems. The reward? Woolworths buys my wine! I commend Woolworths for its policies and while one cannot expect all to follow, at least it must be honest with the public.

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