Government to blame

I write this letter because I have been selling farms for over 12 years and have been involved with all types of buyers, including the government.

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We read how slow the process is, the government putting the blame on everyone but themselves. Well I have got news for them and I hope Minister Nkwinti is reading this. Come and spend a day in my office and see how I bump heads with all sorts of departments under the employment of our government. The first step in buying land is for the government to do a farm assessment. If this happens in less than six months then someone is getting a backhand.

To get feedback is almost impossible and how many times must I phone only to hear that he/she is on tea, booked off sick or on study leave? I can only call it sheltered employment. I feel sorry for the genuine sellers and for those buyers who are being denied ownership because of the incompetence of their fellow South Africans!