I will not eat GMOs

Your news item ‘GM health safety questioned’ (5 October, pg 20) refers.

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One of the big GM producers recently funded research to prove that organically grown foods are harmful, and surprise, that’s what the results showed! The tests were carried out in France by researchers from the Universities of Caen and Rouen and the Criigen Research Institute. The results were downplayed, as they exposed the dangers associated with the consumption of GMOs.

California has put forward Proposition 37 requiring mandatory labelling of genetically engineered food because it says its consumers have the right to know how their food is produced. Parties with a vested interests in the production of GMOs have put up millions of dollars in an attempt to get the proposed legislation off the table.

So if their products are so wonderful, why are they fighting so hard to prevent people from knowing if they are consuming GMOs? I think the answer is very simple – they have poisoned our food. In order to render plants pest-resistant, they are genetically spliced with toxins to discourage insect attack. If the plants are now toxic to insects, you can be certain that they are also toxic to humans.

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So, if people wish to consume GMOs, they are welcome to do so. However, I refuse to knowingly consume any GMO, and demand that all foodstuffs be appropriately labelled. That also goes for any animal or fowl that has been fed on GMOs.

GM health safety questioned.