In the minister’s defence

In response to the article, ‘Massive golden handshake likely for Langa Zita’ (21 September, pg 24), the continued accusations levelled at the minister (Tina Joemat-Pettersson) are baseless and devoid of any truth.

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For a while, Ms Steyn and Mr Van Dalen have been on a crusade to diminish the minister’s standing. They have failed.  
Repeatedly, organisations such as Stats SA’s results verify what we have been repeatedly saying, that the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector is growing. In the second quarter of 2012, it had grown to 5,4%, putting it among the top four. The minister’s stamp of approval is further evidenced by her continued dialogue with agricultural unions of different affiliations. There is growing food insecurity among 6,5% people in our country – this is where the focus is.

If the minister were to engage in endless banter with Steyn and Van Dalen, the corruption charges in the fisheries branch would never have surfaced. Its continued spending of public funds into a single company would have gone unchecked while the stocks in our ocean continue to be depleted. On the issue of Mr Zita, the calculations from Steyn are surprising, since we are awaiting the department of public service’s calculations. The minister has astutely carried out her duties towards ensuring that there is sufficient food for all South Africans.

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