The claims on retail products

Thank you for the article ‘Who’s educating consumers?’ (28 September, pg 6). Lindi van Rooyen described the dilemma faced by farmers very nicely.

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 There are two other aspects to this issue. In many cases it is not the consumer who decides, but retailers who see a chance of differentiating their products by stating that they are GMO-free. Another guilty party is those farmers who promote their products as antibiotic-free, grass-fed or BST-free. This leaves the impression that other agricultural products are full of antibiotics and other substances.

Interestingly, in the current recession in Europe there has been a movement back to cheaper, non-organic food. In SA we saw Woolworths toning down its natural claims and pushing the affordability aspect during the recession.

Read Lindi’s article Who’s educating consumers?

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