No help for people like us

I live in the Western Cape and would like to be seen as a small-scale cattle farmer. Yet I am a landless farmer known as a backyard or scatter farmer. I and others like me are not acknowledged as farmers.

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I don’t blame government at all but how can we do anything if there is no help for us? I am unemployed and started off by raising calves and then selling them when they reached the desired weight. Then I would buy more calves to continue retaining my heifers. Because of the high price of milk replacer, I bought two cows to feed my calves, but unknowingly bought sick animals and within days I lost seven calves and the cows.

I was shattered!

I find that well-established farmers and politicians don’t care about us and they say they help the unemployed! I don’t see any reviews on people like us in your pages. I hope there is help out there.

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