Prioritise rabies vaccinations

Despite the large number of rabies cases in South Africa, we state veterinarians are constantly amazed and saddened by the large number of farmers and pet owners who still do not vaccinate their pets against rabies.

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In a recent case in Gauteng, a farmer had to have over 20 dogs euthanased after exposure to a rabid animal. Not one of the dogs was vaccinated. At a recent rabies campaign, very few owners arrived to have their pets vaccinated, despite the fact that free rabies vaccinations were offered. The consequences of rabies are invariably fatal and horrific. Please keep the vaccination of your pets up to date. Don’t introduce stray animals on your property without vaccinating and isolating them.

If you deal with stray animals on a regular basis, or consider yourself to be at risk of exposure, you may want to consult your doctor about a vaccination for yourself, your family and your workers. If you or any one you know were bitten or scratched by an animal with an unknown vaccination history, consult your nearest clinic. People who don’t vaccinate their pets are indirectly assisting in the spread of rabies.

Be responsible – vaccinate!

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