Remove restrictive laws

We are presently surrounded by much noise in the media regarding nationalisation (of mines), land distribution (of farms), strikes (trade unions), racism (BEE and ‘The Spear’), and the worldwide financial mess (the bankers).

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Most of the noise comes from the trade unionists, communists and similar politicians. The simple reality is that all people can be divided into two groups: ‘the creators and makers’ and the ‘takers and breakers’. The trade unionists, communists and politicians (Malemas) are all takers and breakers. They only advocate ‘take’ – never ‘create’ or ‘make’. I challenge Vavi, Malema, Crouzer and Nzimande and their ilk to tell us about anything they have ever created or made anywhere at any time in their lives. Whereas most farmers, industrialists and small businesspeople are the creators and makers.

Here we are not to confuse present large-scale capitalists with creators and makers. Many large businesses have been taken over by bankers and politicians who now may be included in the category of takers and breakers. We should not confuse capitalism with free enterprise. Free enterprise is the only system that creates wealth for all the fat cats to live on – until they finally destroy those too.

Capitalists are the bankers and directors of large corporations, while the creators are the farmers, the technical whizz-kids and other start-up entrepreneurs. Without these, the world will starve. The answer to SA’s (and the world’s) unemployment is simple: Remove labour laws and other business restrictions (eg BEE) from all businesses with an annual turnover of R10 million or less.

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