Stocking not fit for all conditions – holistic farming

The following are concerns: Has it become the norm to criticise respected people with words such as ‘pathetic’, ‘ridiculously’, ‘so-called scientists’ and ‘scientists are wasting time and money’?

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What has happened to our respect for other people, nature and animals?
With this aggressive attitude, Johann Zietsman has lost the argument and the respect of the farmers who believe in holistic management! The world needs science for research and development and to better our conditions and resources. Need we remind Johann, if it was not for science and the ‘wasting of time and money’, Nasa scientists would never have developed a unique composite material which was ultra-strong and light (carbon fibre).

In 2012 a young man, called ‘the blade runner’, who has no legs, will compete in the Olympic games because of this composite. I am convinced this man will tell you that this scientific development was worth every dollar spent. Is ultra-high density grazing (UHDG) the new ‘buzzword’, because high density grazing (HDG) is not working? Just as the same people propagated HDG a few years ago? We all realise, to practice UHDG is very intensive as it is not practical to move animals every hour.

To conclude, if the hypothesis of producing petrol from coal is correct, then Johann is the biggest and most successful cattle farmer in Zimbabwe and André the biggest and most successful farmer in the Karoo? We farm for financial benefit, and the love for animals and nature by using common sense. Science and experience forms an integral part of holistic farming.

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