The danger of fracking

The recent article ‘To frack or not to frack?’ (20 April, pg 46) is yet another ‘fraud’ committed by Shell Oil SA whereby it uses scientific spokespeople to argue the case for fracking for shale gas in the Karoo.

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It is Shell’s aim to eventually get the green light to go ahead with fracking by offering numerous ‘advantages‘ to the farmers and communities who will be affected by the practice. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the dangers and environmental destruction are all too well known.

It is the practice of Shell to utilise Farmer’s Weekly and Landbou Weekblad to dangle these carrots through its convincing articles. They think that farmers are not particularly learned and will fall for their arguments. An atlas of underground water is to be made available. Shell has stated that this is a first, so how many ‘unknowns’ are going to be incorporated?

These ‘oversights’ will be biased in Shell’s favour. If fracking destroys a water aquifer, the company will simply state, “We didn’t know of this aquifer. It is our first attempt at such an atlas”.  It is laughable to suggest that Shell is trying to be transparent. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Shell recently obtained exclusive rights to explore for gas and oil in the Orange River basin. It will plunder and pollute this sensitive area exactly as it wishes. Just witness Shell’s disregard for the environment in other African countries!
Money talks, but can’t hide the danger. When manifested, it will be too late!