Take, take, take

Politicians talk about righting injustice… and then they buy expensive cars and mansions, while the poor they’re supposed to serve, live in squalor.

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I must say, the recent revelations that a Limpopo mayor is going to spend R1,3 million on two cars while his people are in dire need of basic services sends cold shivers down my spine. I keep asking myself: What happened to those selfless leaders who would go the extra mile to help their people without expecting anything in return?

Instead, we have David Magabe, mayor of the Sekhukhune District Municipality – which was declared a disaster area by former president Thabo Mbeki – about to splurge R1,3 million on two official cars for himself. And this chap is going to buy these cars while some of his people share drinking water with wild animals and livestock at nearby rivers and wells.

He’s going to be cruising around in air-conditioned splendour while some people in Ga-Masemola are forced to buy water from residents who have bakkies or donkey carts. Doesn’t he have any shame at all? I guess not. On top of it all, one of the cars is a Mercedes Benz ML500.

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Why does he feel the need to drive an ML in this municipal area? The region is mountainous, and many of the roads are in bad condition. I bet there are many other cheaper 4x4s that could do the job without any hassle. But this isn’t a case of doing the job with ease. It’s clearly a lifestyle issue.

And about showing off. It’s like saying: The prestige of my position is more important than the responsibilities that come with that position.