The secrets of our granddad

I live in a big city, with huge industrial sites and plants. It’s truly one big concrete jungle.

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Yet, all through my life my family and I have never gone without growing our own herbs and veggies in our backyard. I picked up this special trait from my granddad, who was a real farmer. Being the first child and grandchild, I was really spoilt. The day my mum delivered me, my grandfather went out into his land and planted an apple tree.

Now, 30 years later, the tree still stands, tall and strong. As I am starting my own family, I surely will pass along the traits and special secrets of my granddad. He instilled in each of us the benefits and secrets of home remedies and growing organic vegetables.

He was known as the caregiver in our family, the man with magic hands. Not only could he nurture and tend to plants and the soil, but he also massaged aching muscles and eased away pain and wrapped special leaves around a wound. In this day and age where cobblestone and cement paving have taken over most gardens, our home is different. We still have the treehouse and tyre swing fixed to the tree as well as a bench area built on the flat branches of the same tree.
For generations to come, you will not find grazed, bruised, bleeding knees, but great grandchildren, playing on lush green lawns and in treehouses. My granddad, Matthew Isaac lives on in the hearts of his family. And I see it already… our boys will take after their great granddad in cultivating the land and taking care of his treasured gardens.

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