The whole GM truth

I am continuously exposed to the wonders and safety of genetically modified (GM) crops through the media, yet out of the woodwork creep snippets of factual information which totally refute those ‘wonder stories’.

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In South Africa, we have the Genetically Modified Organisms Act (passed by the apartheid government) which governs the use of GM organisms, and which casts all responsibility for any loss, defect, harm, etc suffered as a result of using or consuming GM products, on the end-user: the farmer and consumer – not the GM corporation!

My question: why do we have such legislation if GM crops are so safe? A large hole in the information we receive and read are the nasty side-effects (individual and cumulative) of many of the inputs we use, which are quietly eating away at the foundation of our society.

The number of ill people in our country attests to the quality of food on the shelves.

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How about digging for the (whole) truth, providing us with quality for which Farmer’s Weekly has been known, rather than quantity?