A home for the newlyweds

Jonno helps design an environmentally friendly farm house.

A home for the newlyweds
Photo: Jonno Smith

Hi Jonno

I am a soon to be married farmer in the Lydenburg area. We have very warm summers and relatively cold winters. I live with my parents and need to build a house for me and my wife on a piece of land. It is 1ha and is part of a grazing camp for our horses and has a nice view to the west.

The slope runs from east to west at a gradient of 1m per 10m. We want to build an environmentally friendly farm house. I hope you can help me with a simple, practical design; a nice house with a farm atmosphere.

Thank you very much.

Floor Plan: 175m2 & veranda

Hi Jandre
Thanks for your very helpful sketch and written ideas. As you will note, the layout is very functional and compact. The construction, too, is uncomplicated. You required a laundry. This can be combined with the scullery if need be, or located in the yard under an extended roof (afdak).

As a starter home, it can be extended later by creating a passage through the second bedroom’s cupboard; you could create a further two bedrooms. The styling itself is a simple design. The construction is similar to that which was popular some 30 to 40 years ago, with gable-ended roofs.

With your working drawings, I’ll also send you some different ideas and give you tips on how to have your new home built most cost-effectively. Let me have your further thoughts.

All the best for your future marriage.
Best regards