Unite against bullies

I was reading the editor’s letter “Your opinion should matter” (15 June, pg 6) before jumping to the weekly quotes and reading “A dehorned rhino is no longer a rhino”, from Dr Johan Joubert.

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Then I asked myself whether we could take up the editor’s advice “by uniting, people can deal with bullies” and use it to deal with the current rhino issue. I am but a member of the public who accepts that I was created by God and that we are here but as tenants. It is thus a duty to protect the environment.

Why does one kill a rhino? It is for money and greed. And as the popular adage goes: money is the root of all evil. One can’t contain or control evil. There is the option of waging a bloody war against it and that will always result in losses on both sides. There is another road which was taken by Gandhi in his fight against colonisation. He involved the masses of the Indian population in a peaceful stand-off.

It is a case of “uniting against bullies”, and killing rhinos for their horns is the work of bullies. With modern media technology we can reach every person and if each and every one stands up for their rights only then can the destroyers of the planet (in this case the rhino poachers) be held to account. The environment is ours to love and protect. Wildlife belongs to each and every one of us to enjoy and only by uniting can we make a difference.

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