Mulati Wildlife Services Sale

Highest-priced Eland cow sold for R30 000.

Brits-  The Mulati Wildlife Services Sale was held on 8 July. Total turnover was R1 410 250.

The sale was conducted by Vleissentraal Bosveld, with Stefan Greyling as the auctioneer. 

Blesbok ewe46R2 223R2 600
Blesbok ewe (white*)4R3 312R3 350
Blesbok family group17R2 052R2 500
Blesbok ram51R1 576R2 400
Blesbok ram (white*)15R3 466R4 000
Blue wildebeest bull18R3 611R5 900
Blue wildebeest bull (golden split*)5R3 450R4 250
Blue wildebeest cow21R3 395R3 500
Blue wildebeest family group9R3 450R3 450
Blue wildebeest heifer9R3 300R3 300
Bosbok family group3R10 000R10 000
Bosbok ram1R3 500R3 500
Burchell’s zebra family group23R3 356R3 600
Eland bull2R10 125R13 250
Eland cow5R19 200R30 000
Impala ewe33R2 060R2 500
Impala ram19R2 029R2 750
Impala ram (black split*)10R1 250R1 250
Kudu bull5R9 350R12 500
Mountain reedbuck ewe2R6 500R6 500
Nyala bull7R7 478R12 000
Nyala ewe10 + 2R17 850R18 500
Nyala in-lamb ewe6R18 375R18 750
Sable antelope bull1R28 000R28 000
Springbok family group4R5 800R5 800
Springbok family group (black*)3R7 000R7 000
Springbok family group (copper*)3R7 250R7 250
Steenbok family group4R5 750R6 500
Waterbuck bull1R7 000R7 000
Waterbuck family group5R3 500R3 500
Wildebeest bull (golden split*)1R4 500R4 500